And Away We Go…..

eaHi everyone, this will be my first blog ever (better late than never!)

Just a bit of introductory info first.  I am originally from New York City but I now live in Los Angeles.  I graduated from Columbia University where I was an anthropology major and on the rowing team.  I now work in the movie industry (like most people in Los Angeles) but my specialty is more on the finance side as opposed to the creative side.  This is currently my fourth class at Boston University where I am working towards a Masters in Banking and Financial Services Management.  I guess my goal is to find the most tedious part of an otherwise very exciting profession.  I would say that my favorite part of my job is that every film is essentially a start-up business.  This brings an element of excitement and energy to each new project.   It’s amazing, frustrating, unpredictable and rewarding to put together all the necessary elements required to get an independent film produced and distributed.

I am happily married and heading towards my tenth wedding anniversary this coming September.  We have one seven year old daughter who is currently in second grade. Probably the greatest challenge is balancing the travel and chaotic work schedule with school and family life.  I am excited to get to know all of you over the next seven weeks!!!

5 thoughts on “And Away We Go…..”

  1. Eric,

    Nicely done on the blog post, and I enjoy the idea of your perspective towards both the finance profession and film production. I look forward to working with you.

    — Jeff


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