A Little Something For Your Birthday

Well today was busy day…

We finished production on our latest independent film a few months ago but today we officially “locked” the picture.  This means that the physical editing process is now complete and no further changes can be made to general edit of the film.  We still must make the sound and color uniform throughout the movie, correct any missing or unintelligible dialogue and then add the score, soundtrack and credits.  The most difficult part is locking the film as this is the part where the most fighting occurs between the producing and creative parties.  Once we get past this point the rest of the process is time-consuming but relatively easy.  The next big step will be screening the film for distribution companies as we do not yet have a partner for the picture.

Most of my work is done BEFORE and AFTER we physically produce the film.  I am essentially a tourist on set as I leave the production work to more capable folks.  Plus I have enough headaches dealing with investors (both institutional and individual) and ultimately distributors around the world.  If I try to add managing the personalities of the crew and the cast it tends to get a bit overwhelming.

Sometimes when it gets too stressful on set, I bring in the big guns:


My daughter tends to have better success than I do at diffusing tense situations.

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